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Digital album

Jesus beautiful name

  • John paints a picture of his Saviour, friend and brother, Jesus whilst He was on earth; walking , running in His white robe and sandals, holding, hugging, laughing , smiling, living life, living free, alive, vibrant, abundant, loving, dancing, blessing children....

    Jesus with His name in lights, not a swear word - sweet name of Jesus.

    John says “I put 'Jesus' in the album title and the title of every song, so no-one could be in any doubt who this album is about. I find many people are OK if you speak generally about God, because they have formed their own view of who He is. They usually turn when you start to speak of Jesus, His pre-eminence, His Lordship, His position as God's Son. So having written extensively about God as perfect Father, on this album I concentrate on Jesus as perfect Son