No events booked in at present for 2020 , following major surgery ..

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           JOHN NUTTALL


New and developing web -site for my Father-heart poems. 

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Watch out for a change in the design of some of the cds ... this has been brought about by my desire to keep the cost of my cds low , so the message of Father's Love can get out there and reach more and more people. As you can imagine costs have risen over the last 10 years of production, whilst I have kept prices the same.

The main change is in the design of the covers which will no longer be a full booklet

Of course , words and acknowledgments can be found on this web-site. 


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I, therefore, do not have any contact with anyone via my site 

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 My daughter Emma plays beautiful piano based soaking music 

Her two albums , REST and HOPE are featured and for sale via the link below 

Hi there and thanks for ‘dropping by’ 

This is the web-site of

John Nuttall

Christian musician, poet, author

and speaker.

John is the writer of the cds

Father’s Love

and Father’s Love 2…. now selling around the world.

Author of the Book …. Father’s Love.

Also a worship leader for the last 25 years.

This site is dedicated to the revelation of how deeply
God loves us as a Father,

and how Jesus and the Holy Spirit bring that revelation to us.




In the beginning God had children He could love...
God loved His children and loved to be with them..
God's children turned away from Him .....
It broke God's heart to lose them to the father of lies..
God set in motion a plan to get them back , but it 
would involve huge sacrificial love on His part ....
Jesus came and did everything necessary , so that 

We cannot do anything to earn this , God has done it all,
and it is a finished work ....

Simply believe and receive ....

                     THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS







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