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  • Barry Adams …friend and writer of  “the Father’s Love Letter”..... some great  free downloadable  talks over two years


  • James Jordan Fatherheart Ministries… friend and  main carrier of the revelation of the Fatherheart of God in world today



  • Fatherheart Ireland…. Friends Jim and Irene Hall from Belfast … if you want to network over in Ireland on Fatherheart


  • Fatherheart Scotland…..friends John and Fioan Macdonald .. If you want to network in Scotland on Fatherheart


  • Mark Gyde ‘A Father to you’ … friend and great web-site with lots of good stuff on Father’s Love


  • Mathilde Oord …. My friend from Norway and designer of this web-site …. Perhaps check out her blog



  • Iris Global …. Amazing Missionary organization making a huge difference in Africa and beyond


  • Catch the Fire… a wonderful family of churches and ministries , the world over, who are glad to call me ‘friend’.


  • Andy and Wendy Green…my friends ,  my producer, musician and sound recordist, who do amazing work helping me put together albums … also a big part of the band if I do gigs And now producing cds of their own.


  • James Oldham  … musician, friend, video expert (will send later).


  • Edwin van Splunter…. Musician,  friend, all round great guy from Holland … done some great albums … listen to some of his stuff on youtube and you’ll be hooked: here is an example



  • Ruth Hill… beautiful singer , musician , worshipper at Vinelife Manchester: I listen to Ruth’s album a lot


  • Jeff Scaldwell… friend , who really introduced me to the message of Father’s Love , Jeff also inspired me to goforit and the Album Father’s Love was birthed … the rest is His story


  • Walthru the Bible … great organization , teaching overviews of the OT and NT in a day … everyone should do one of these days which are lifehanging

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