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Father God is good

In growing in our understanding and knowing our Father God , it is always special to celebrate His GOODNESS.

God is love ; His character , His Spirit and essence is love .... so that when our Heavenly Father acts , it is always out of His heart of love ; He cannot deny who He is ... When the Father sent Jesus , His Son into the world, the motivation was love .... "for God so loved the world..." ( John 3: 16 )

A n d p a r t o f H i s l o v e i s t h a t H e i s a l w a y s G O O D

At the moment I am really enjoying the song 'Good , good Father ' by Chris Tomlin , especially the line 'You're a good good Father that's who You are ' ... (worth looking up the lyrics or going on youtube to hear the song)

The Scriptures tell us that one of the fruits of the Spirit is goodness , and the Spirit , essence and character of God is to be good. The psalms are full of the phrase .'You are good , and Your love endures'

G o d i s g o o d a n d H e w a n t s t o d o g o o d t o y o u

And this fact is worth believing , it is worth receiving , and worth celebrating ; it is worth considering and meditating on each day,especially when things get tough , and life seems hard.

There are times when , if we are honest we find it difficult to receive or believe that God is good for a variety of reasons .... perhaps we see the stuff of the world and blame God for not sorting it out , not intervening or allowing bad things to happen in the first place ; that's why believing in our Father's goodness is an act of faith , for a believing people . I have just written a new song called 'I am Your child ' , which explores the whole theme of the goodness of God our Father, and it contains the line ' And You are always good ! ' I think I will post the lyrics to this song in the next week leading up to Christmas

Sometimes when I teach and share on worship I say that part of worship is :

G o d s a y s ' I a m ' w e s a y 'Y o u a r e '

Well perhaps when we hear the Scriptures that say 'God is good ' we will be able to say a resounding 'You are ! '

Perhaps this Christmas - time , as we consider Father with us , Emmanuel , we can remind ourselves that 'His goodness and mercy will follow us ,accompany us all the days of our lives ... ' ( Psalm 23 verse 6 )

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