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Poem My Dad

I would love to make a book out of this ...

Jesus has introduced me and the world to God as a Heavenly Dad, and I see His life , love , joy , freedom and playfulness in this ....

My dad

Puts my feet on his feet

My hands in his

And walks big steps

My dad

Picks me up

Under my arms and

Puts me on his shoulders

So I can see stuff

My dad

Rides his bike and

Puts me

on the handlebars


Holds the seat

Of my bike

So I can learn to ride

My dad

Got me a toolkit

And a hard hat

So I could do work

Just like him


Lets me help with jobs

Even though he can do it himself

AND he makes me feel

Like I did it

My dad

Throws the ball

In just the right place

So I can hit it

My dad

Sits me on his knee while driving

And lets me hold

The steering wheel

My dad is funny

He laughs a lot

And we have fun

He thinks I’m funny too

My dad

Knows lots of stuff

And helps me

When I’m stuck

My dad

Even asks me sometimes

What I think about

How to solve a problem

When I think

He already knows the answer

My dad

Says No sometimes

And I know he really means it

He also says Yes lots of times

And I know he means that too

My dad

Snuggles up with me

To read a book

And say my prayers

Before I go to sleep

My dad

is really big and old

And I am little

But he makes me

Feel big

I love

My dad

john nuttall March 2018

The poem ‘My Dad’ is based upon what I feel is my son’s relationship with his two sons .. he is a great father to his children , and I could picture him and my grandsons in each of the stanzas

I would love to do this as a childrens’ book with a good illustrator and I might do one day soon

In the writing of it I also relate it to how I feel about my heavenly Dad

who is described by the writers of Scripture and fully portrayed by Jesus as;

Our Father, the One who is

coming to our level to make Himself known

lifting us up to His heavenly realms to see His world

the encourager and strengthener

the Comforter

the one who embraces

the helper, the teacher and guide

the one who makes us feel secure and safe

the one who loves us

good with a goodness we can taste and see and experience

for us

the Yes and Amen

the lifter of our heads

longing to be with us and enjoy us

big , ancient ( of days ) , strong and can do anything

gracious and forgiving


very wise etc etc

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