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Poem The man born blind

I am reading Stephen Hill's book " John " which goes through the gospel with insightful revelation ..

Can be found on amazon

I recommend this book and am using it as a daily read

I also recommend his Blog

On coming across the passage about the man born blind ( in John Chapter 9 ) I felt as if I entered into the encounter between Jesus and this man , as a very beautiful and private time ... where Jesus steps out of the clamour of the happenings around , and into his space ... I love it that Jesus seeks the healed man out after he has been ejected by the religious , who cannot enter into the joy of his new found sight ...

So many miss the beautiful moments of these encounters

The eyes - open man worships and honours Jesus

A man born blind

Hears a commotion

Feels motion before him

He stands before the Light

That shines with blinding brightness

He senses the man’s breathing

His heavy overshadowing

Attunes his ear to listen

Like blackbird on the glistening grass

Searching for his food

A rustle of a tunic as He bends

Spitting on the earth

A mixing of a paste within his hands

Once more he feels Him standing close

Coccooned from crowds around him

Hears his breathing

Feels his Spirit surrounding

He has not felt or heard like this before

Or been thus enlightened

But being without sight

His other senses are most heightened

And then a shadow passes across his eyes

As mud paste is applied

Earth and heaven combining

In a wond'rous intertwining

A miraculous anointing

And then He speaks

Not to the crowds that he can sense around

But privately, intimately, where he could feel his warm and gentle breath

“Go… wash… in the pool of Siloam”

This he did straightway

And returned seeing

(Not a line to throw away !)

Cataclysmic miracle with huge meaning

He now searches for the One who did the healing

But He’s not there, or so it seems

He does not know what people look like

Even though now he sees

And is learning gradually by degrees

His only focus is to find the man of God

Instead he hits the brick wall of religion

And faces question after question

Who was the Man ?

And who are you ?

What did He say?

What did He do ?

Where is He now ?

This imposter

Where did He go ?

You think He’s a prophet

How do you know ?

He broke our rules

So you’re complicit

You think you’re cleverer than us ?

That’s it, is it ?

Give glory to God man

Tell the truth

This man is a sinner

And we have proof !

No – one of God

Would heal on our Holy Day

What can you say ?

Be off with you

Get on your way !

And with that they threw him out …. of the synagogue

They- the ones who should rejoice with him

Do nothing but blabber on about sin

They, who claim to know and be upholders of the truth

The self-proclaimed representatives of God on earth

Who could have danced for joy with a man healed of blindness from birth

They have shown themselves more blind than he

And in that moment we are told

As he stands there alone

Jesus comes to find him

Wonderfully , gloriously, joyfully

He now could see the form

That just before

He only envisaged in his mind's eye

As Jesus before him

He sensed it was the Healer

The same peace, the same presence

hAs He came nearer..

The aura that He carried

The same atmosphere

And then He spoke

The voice that calmed the sea and raised the dead

The sound of many waters

The still small voice

“ Do you believe in the Son of Man “ said He

“And who is He, kind Sir , that I might believe?”

And Jesus said “That would be me “

The man fell down to worship Him ....

“ Lord , I believe “

And so do I

Can you ?

Can you see through to who He really is ?

Son of Man , Son of Son God


John nuttall May 2018

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