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Poem you can be a little child

As a teacher , father , grandad I have had so much time with children .. I love it that Jesus turns to the clever people and tells them they need to become as a little child to see the Kingdom of heaven , and to understand Him and His Father

Jesus also turns to His heavenly Father and thanks Him that He has hidden things from the wise and the learned and revealed them to little children

Because they have big HEARTS , and God looks upon the heart

Also He means child-like ... not childish - big difference

You can be a little child

Running to My arms

Knowing My embrace

You can be a little child

Trusting in My love

See My smiling face

My children drinking in My kindness

Sharing in My laughter

Soaking up My joy

Loved ones know that I am faithful

I will never hurt you

Nothing will destroy

The love I have for you, please know My little children

Innocent and open

Teachable and free

You can be My little children

Carefree and dependent

Holding onto me

My children wide-eyed and persistent

Imagining and hoping

Passionate in play

Children living life abundant

Never stop believing

In this spacious place

My children unsophisticated

Innocent untainted

Simple and yet true

My children know that I will love you

Ferociously protect you

Give my life for you

Yes I can be a little child

Running to Your arms

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