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God is good 2

Hi this is my third post on living loved and I am just writing a continuation of the same theme of God is good ... so here is the latest song I wrote on this theme .... now recorded, on 'You are God and You are good "

You will never ever leave me

Or abandon or forsake

You're dependable and faithful

Keep the promises You make

I am your child

And you are always slow to anger

Full of kindness full of grace

Showing mercy and forgiveness

..... Love shining from Your face

And you will always be there for me

To protect me and defend

Never judge me or reject me

point the finger or condemn

I am Your child

And You are always .... good

And You wrap Your arms around me

You are strong and you are safe

Full of goodness and compassion

I run to your embrace

And I will run to you

i will dance with you

i will walk with you

For I am Your child

And I will talk with you

I will laugh with you

I will stay with you

For You are my Father

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