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Great time over the water in Belfast

So I’ve just been to Belfast with my friends at Fatherheart Ireland

Thanks to William and Charmaine for your hospitality and friendship

And the same to Jim and Irene and also for a wonderful time

sharing our inheritance as sons and daughters at Holywood Church

Great to just spend time together , eating , drinking , worshipping and

experiencing our Father God ….

Loved seeing people respond to the circle of Father , Son and Holy Spirit,

experiencing their embrace

joining in the dance

knowing affirmation

revelling in His acceptance

knowing oneness

feeling they belong

being smiled upon

Loved being able to challenge religiosity , legalism, boxes of tradition ( not that I saw any

of that in the people there ) and being part of God’s work of bringing people

from their restrictions , confinements and desolations and into a

SPACIOUS PLACE ( Job 36 :16 )

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