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Poem 2 - The Haircut

The poem yesterday was deep and meaningful... this one is also but in a fun and different way ... it involves me taking my grandson to the Hairdressers and asking him what he was going to request . He is a Season Ticket holder at Manchester City , and it came as no surprise to me that he had a photograph of Sergio Aguero's hairstyle for the Barber .. It reminded me of a joke ( which I love to have with my grandsons ) and I felt to write him a poem in the Northern England style and accent . I love both my grandsons very much , they are a blessing .. the one from this poem is the one who sings on the song from the album 'songs of sons and daughters' which ( his bit ) I recorded when he was little - you can hear it on my web- site and is entitled " You can be a little child " -- Jesus said to become as a little child to even see the kingdom of God ... if any of you were thinking to approach Him with your cleverness !!

OK hope you enjoy

I went across to ‘t’ barbers

So he could cut me hair

And when it was my turn

He said 'right lad, come and sit yer there'

He asked me what I wanted

As he put the cape round my neck

I said 'Sergio Agüero please'

And he said 'right what the heck'.

'But Sergio is my hero

I really am a fan

He’s nearly scored 200 goals

So he’s my top top man

And if my hair looks like him

My feet might do the same

and I might score 200 goals

It might improve my game'

He cut and cut like a man gone mad

His scissors were giving off steam

I looked in shock my hair all gone

This man had ruined my dream

I said 'that’s not a Sergio Aguero

You’ve cut off the blooming lot'

He said 'if Sergio Aguero had come in my shop

Then this is what he'd 'ave got' !

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