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Poem 5 The Spacious place

I believe legalistic , rule-driven religion brings us into a place of 'control' , and restrictions ..... full of 'cannot' , 'should nots' and 'do nots' ... I love it that our Father wants to bring us into a Spacious Place

of Freedom and Life , where we can flourish and grow , learn and walk out life in the Spirit, with Him

Job 36:16

“He is wooing you from the jaws of distress

to a spacious place free from restriction,

to the comfort of your table laden with choice food.......

From the place of confinement

A cell of restriction

The chains of my prison

And the closed in walls

From the finger pointers

and rule enforcers

From squeezed in enclosures

And the closers of doors

From thought controllers

and legalistic minders

From a ‘do this’ ‘not that’

And a struggle to break free

From a life of survival

And walking in mud

From a place of distress

Where I find it hard to breathe

You ..have ..brought

to a.. spacious ..p l a c e

A place to explore

A place to be free

A wide open space in You.. in me

A place to run

With eyes that can see

A glorious land

of opportunity

And like a child who is free

I will run like the wind

Like a child I will dance

Like a child I will sing

Like a child I’ll believe

I will throw of my shackles

Get rid of my clothes

Go flying , go naked , go free

I will fly on the wings of life

With You

In me

Drawing me

Wooing me

Inviting me

Into You

In me

john nuttall March 2018

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