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Poem 8 .. The scar

A real experience I remember so vividly from when I was 12 ... the scar still remains , but the pain has gone ... instead I remember the Comfort of my mum

In Christian and other Inner healing , I recently heard the phrase that Father God wants to take us 'back to the ouch' and to invite God in with His comfort .... I liked that , and wrote this .....

Like the need to eat, drink, or breathe

I believe we have an inbuilt need for comfort.

God the Father is described as a Comforter

Jesus describes himself as a Comforter and lived His life comforting

And Jesus promises to send another Comforter.. The Holy Spirit

Pretty important aspect of God then !!

Everyone is looking for comfort

Increasingly in a godless UK , I suspect people are finding comfort in many wrong and harmful things…. Although Costa coffee is pretty good .....

On my bike

Riding home

Going fast

Soon be there

Between the fields

On the path

Barbed fence

Flashing by

As I speed

Tour de France

Watch me now

In the lead

Huge rock

In the way


Swerving now

Left and right


S l o w - m o

O v e r I g o

Onto barbed – wire fence

Cutting, tearing

Through my clothes

Ripping flesh

Blood stains

Now appearing

On my shirt

But I’m young

And I’m tough

Doesn’t hurt

Hurry now


Make it home

Drop my bike

Open door

See my mum

Floods of tears

Pour from me

In her embrace

Wounds bathed

Stinging stuff

Gauze in place


Fifty five years

From that day

Further on

Scar remains

Reminding me

But pain has gone

Remember now

The comforting

The kind and soothing care

And for me


That mum was there

How awful

For the people

Who go through this life alone

Who all their lives

Are searching

For the comfort zone

Who have to grow up

Big and strong

And face it by themselves

Must be hard

Must be tough

Must be just like Hell

‘ Big boys don’t cry’

Is just another evil lie

Coming from the liar

I’m so glad

My Father God is called

The Comforter

That I know Him

And He loves me

Forever and a day

And with the comfort

That I get

I have enough to give away

John nuttall May 2018

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